The Largest Book Swapping in Malaysia

Highlights of the festival ! We are expecting at least 3,000 people participating in this book swapping event.
Bring a book and swap it with someone you like.
Register and get an exclusive #MYSCHOOLGOALS SWAP-A-BOOK sticker for FREE!

Young Adult Book Fair

Come and get the latest book especially for cool and hip teenager like you.
Experience the beauty and power of the written word, and, above all, come and meet other people who love books and literature as much as you do!

Open Competitions for All Malaysian and South East Asian Students (Age 10-18)

News Reporting via IG

Produce the best short news report on this festival

10-18 years old
29th July 2019

MySchoolGoals Idol

Be the best student singer in South East Asia and sing your heart out

10-18 years old
In any South East Asian's Language
1st May 2019-15th July 2019
(Top30: 29th July 2019)

#READandTELL Resensi Buku

Produce the best REVIEW (Resensi) on the book

10-18 years old
3rd May 2019 - 15th July 2019
In Bahasa Melayu & English

Cool Coding

Get through all the stages of a Coding Game using the application provided and become the Champion!.

10-18 years old
29th July 2019

Short Video Contest

Produce a short video related to teenagers' life. The video must contain suitable plot and promote positive values for teenagers.

Individual or Group of 3
10-18 years old
3rd May 2019 - 27th July 2019


Produce Tik Tok video/ photo montage/ essay that describe their great experience / feel good moments with McDonald’s.

16-18 years old
3rd May 2019 - 24th July 2019

3R Competition

Pitch and showcase your innovation via Reducing, Recycling, and Reusing plastics. Be that superhero who can save planet earth!.

Group of 3-5
13-18 years old
29th July 2019

Minecraft: EE Challenge #MyKoolLibrary

Use Minecraft: Education Edition to reimagine a library in your school 100 years in the future

Group of 3
10-18 years old
3rd May 2019 - 29th July 2019
(Top10 will be presenting on 29th July 2019)

#MySchoolGoals Model Search: Special Edition

Have you got what it takes to become the next South East Asian Top Special Student Model? Walk down the runway and pose for the camera! Don't forget to smile .

7-19 years old
29th July 2019
Holds an official OKU/Special Needs Card

School of The Future

What do you think makes the School Of The Future? Build a 2m x 2m x 2m model and present it to the judges!

Group of 5 students
10-18 years old
29th July 2019

Cool 3D School Wall Mural Painting

Produce the best 3D wall mural, featuring a motivational quote suitable for students

Group of 3-5 students
10-25 years old
29th July 2019

Book Illustration Competition

Produce the best illustration for the given story to be featured as the cover of the book to be published by Storymakers League

10-18 years old
5th July 2019

29th July 2019 08:00 AM - 15:30 PM

Santai Bersama

Students & teachers are welcome to join McDonald’s booth to join Santai Bersama McDonald’s and to take part in various games there

10-18 years old
29th July 2019

Chit Chat

To participate in the motivational talk & quiz given by Datuk Dr. Ustazah Norhafizah Musa.

10-18 years old
29th July 2019

Science Food Kitchen

To guess the calorie count of food and beverages on display.

10-18 years old
29th July 2019

Explorasi Selangor

Come and explore the awesome products of Selangor. There will be fun quizzes, activities and showcases. A lot of exciting prizes to be won!


Enjoy the arrays of mouth watering street food brought especially for you! Enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and tea time with your newly found friends, over a good book and a plate of excellent dish!

Award Ceremony and Strategic Industry
Partners Appreciation Night

  SACC Convention Centre
  29th July 2019
  08:00 PM
  Theme: The Future Me!

International Students Edu-Tourism

International Students Edu-Tourism Familiarization Day with Tourism Selangor. Visit and learn about interesting point of interests in Selangor and take a lot of Instagrammable photos throughout the day.

  Selangor City Tour
  30th July 2019
  08:30 AM - 21:00 PM